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Talk to other people who have tried Maxi-peel

I believe it always helps to talk to other people who have tried products that you have a lot of questions about, whether they have positive or negative things to say about it. This is how I figured out ways to make Maxi-peel work for me.
I found a great website called which has a forum featuring different threads where people discuss acne products they have tried. I highly recommend visiting this site, as I’m sure you will learn a lot from it, like I did.
Disclaimer : I am in no way a partner, affiliate or shareholder of
Telling you to visit this site does not give me any profit whatsoever. I recommend this site because it is a great site filled with good information.
Here is the link to the Maxi-peel discussion thread: – Maxi-peel
If you find any helpful tidbits about Maxi-peel not mentioned on my blog, please feel free to post a comment below! 🙂


Dealing with Maxi-peel side effects

If you feel like using Maxi-peel is a bit too strong for you (even if you’re using your ideal Maxi-peel strength) these simple tips will help ease the side effects:

1. Peeling – definitely expect some skin peeling, if not a lot. This is Maxi-peel’s main job and it is actually a good thing. Skin peeling gets rid of dull, damaged skin so the smooth, new skin underneath can be revealed.
Some people find the peeling a bit much, in this case, take a 1-2 day break from using Maxi-peel, even if you’re in the middle of using it. You will find that your skin will peel more after you’ve stopped. On these days, wash your face with only cool or lukewarm water (no soap or facial cleansers) twice a day and gently rub all surfaces and nooks and crannies of your face to remove the peeling skin. After doing this for 1-2 days, your skin will peel less.
2. Redness – many people complain about extreme redness with Maxi-peel. The thing to remember is Maxi-peel is a lot like a chemical peel and peeling and redness are very common to happen. If you feel that the redness is a bit too much, stop applying Maxi-peel for 1-2 days. You should also ALWAYS apply plenty of sunscreen to prevent skin burning from the hot sun.
3. Skin stinging while applying Maxi-peel – after I’ve used Maxi-peel for a few days, I find that applying it right after I’ve washed my face tends to sting A LOT. I recently discovered a technique to decrease the stinging and that is to space the washing and the application at least 4 hours apart. I wash my face right away after going home from work around mid afternoon and then I apply Maxi-peel before going to bed at night. This gap between washing and application will give your skin time to resupply some of the oils lost from washing and so the oils help in reducing the stinging by reducing your skin’s dryness when applying Maxi-peel. Main point – your skin stings from applying Maxi-peel because it gets too dry! Allow your skin to produce oils long enough to soothe your skin when Maxi-peel is applied.
4. Break outs – Maxi-peel will cause some acne to come out during the first few weeks. This is because it is going deep inside the pores to take underlying impurities out. Once the acne surfaces, Maxi-peel will dry them up pretty quickly. My tip is to keep using Maxi-peel on your pimples. DO NOT STOP. If you stop when pimples surface you will find that they will stay visible on your skin longer than if you continue to use Maxi-peel. If you have problems of redness and peeling at the same time as breakouts and want to take a 1-2 day break, using a cotton tip applicator, apply Maxi-peel only to the acne areas. This method will dry up the pimples and allow the unaffected areas to resupply oils lost from dryness.

If you have a side effect that is not listed here, please feel free to leave a comment. I have only written about the predominant side effects that happen to me so I might have overlooked other side effects as well.

Other advantages of using Maxi-peel

Maxi-peel was developed mainly for the treatment and prevention of acne (blackheads, whiteheads and pimples). But after using it for many years I discovered it works well for other skin problems too.
1. Dark patches – for some reason, I get long dark patches that runs from the corners of my mouth to the sides of my face. I don’t know what’s causing it, but using Maxi-peel really fades it away. This is due to the whitening agent, Hydroquinone, in Maxi-peel. Unfortunately for me, if I don’t use Maxi-peel for awhile, the dark patches come back.
2. Skin tags – I inherited skin tags around my eyes from my father. I was so self-conscious about it. But Maxi-peel makes it go away! I was so excited to discover this.
WARNING: Do not apply Maxi-peel too close to your eyes or mouth. It may be harmful.
3. Big pores – I have huge pores on my nose that Maxi-peel helps shrink.
4. Sagging skin – Maxi-peel tightens your face. Probably because it dries it out so much but I feel my skin tighter even after a few months of finishing Maxi-peel. Just apply lots of a high spf moisturizer to deal with the dryness. This is the main reason why I advise to rub Maxi-peel in an upwards motion, to push the skin up and give yourself a small face-lift.
5. Acne scars – having had acne since I was 18, I have lots of acne scars to show for it. I get small dark spots that the hydroquinone in Maxi-peel fades away and I have deep boxcar and rolling scars from picking and popping my pimples when I was younger. That’s a big mistake! No matter how big or disgusting your pimple looks, NEVER POP YOUR ZITS! If you do, you will be left with deep scars for a long time. I wish I knew this before. The good thing is, Maxi-peel peels away layers of dead, dull skin, thus making the scars shallower. It is a lot like a chemical peel. It doesn’t totally eliminate the scars, just makes them less noticeable.

If you have discovered other advantages to Maxi-peel as well, please feel free to share your experiences with me by leaving a comment below! Thank you!

My Step-by-Step Maxi-peel Regimen

The summary of my daily Maxi-peel regimen is as follows:
At bedtime:
1. Wash face with a gentle cleanser (like Cetaphil)
2. Do not towel dry your face. Let it air dry.
3. Apply a generous amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly to your lips.
4. Put 3-4 drops of your ideal Maxi-peel strength onto a cotton pad and gently rub on your face in an upwards motion.
5. Wash your hands thoroughly. Clean it of any Maxi-peel solution.
6. Leave it overnight.

In the morning:
1. Wash face with cool water only. If you wish, you can use a gentle cleanser again but not necessarily.
2. Rub your wet face gently with your fingertips to remove dead skin. Then rub your lips to also remove dead skin. Rinse face and lips with cool water.
(If you are taking a shower first thing in the morning you can do these in the shower as well).
3. Do not towel dry your face. Let it air dry.
4. Once dry, apply a liberal amount of a lightweight moisturizer with a high spf of at least 25.
5. Then dab a concealing stick make-up on your imperfections to hide them.
6. Lastly, apply an eye hydrator gel or cream above and below your eyes.
You’re done! If the sun is particularly hot, wear a hat for added protection.

How I make Maxi-peel work for me

Everyone’s skin is different. What works for me may or may not work for you. But if you really want to make Maxi-peel work for you, then you should try my Maxi-peel tips:
1. Only use the strength that is right for your type of acne.
That was my first mistake. I idolize a filipino actress named Kristine Hermosa and when I heard that she uses Maxi-peel #3, I thought I should use it too so I can have the same beautiful skin she has. Big mistake. #3 was too strong for me – it burned my skin. Then after years of staying away from Maxi-peel I decided to try it again and use #2 for my moderate acne. It was just right.
2. Use a very gentle cleanser. No harsh scrubs or foams that will strip your skin clear of oil.
Maxi-peel WILL dry out your skin. It will suck up all the oils and impurities so it is extremely crucial to keep your skin hydrated. I live in Canada and use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser which works really well with Maxi-peel. Only wash your face at night before applying Maxi-peel. Never towel dry, let your skin absorb the water. Also use a lightweight moisturizer with a high spf. I use Neutrogena Daily Moisturizing Lotion with spf 45. Maxi-peel will make your skin very sensitive to sunlight so make sure you use a moisturizer with a high spf.
3. Maxi-peel WILL make your skin peel. It will renew your skin and peel off dull, dead skin cells.
A lot of people have this complaint about Maxi-peel. They absolutely hate the peeling. But the peeling is what will make your skin beautiful after! However, while your skin is peeling it does not look very attractive. What I do is I apply Maxi-peel at night (only use Maxi-peel once aday) and wash my face with only water (no soap or cleanser) in the morning. Then I gently rub all areas and nooks and crannies of my face with my fingertips until the dead peeling skin rubs off. I rinse my face again with cool water but don’t towel dry. Let your skin absorb the water on it.
4. Use a lightweight, easy to absorb moisturizer with an spf of at least 25.
Maxi-peel will make your skin very sensitive to sunlight. Leaving your skin unprotected in sunlight can make dark or red patches appear on your skin. Make sure you use a moisturizer and wear a hat or cap for added protection.
5. Only use Maxi-peel until all your pimples have stopped appearing.
I know this is contrary to the directions listed on the Maxi-peel box. But I have been using Maxi-peel for years and this system works for me. And Maxi-peel IS harsh on our skin, so I decrease the amount of time my skin is exposed to it.
Maxi-peel will take out all underlying oils and impurities in your skin so you will get more pimples within the first 2 weeks of using it. This is Maxi-peel’s way of completely killing all your pimples. The good thing is once the pimples surface they dry up immediately due to the tretinoin in Maxi-peel.
Use Maxi-peel as long as you’re getting new pimples, once it stops, then stop using Maxi-peel. I don’t use Maxi-peel for two months. Sometimes I only use it for 3 weeks and that’s enough for me to have clear, even-toned skin. I also only use Maxi-peel 1-2 times per year.
6. Is your make-up caking up? While on Maxi-peel, do not use liquid, cream or powder foundation. It will cake up a few hours later. Instead, after applying moisturizer, use a spot concealer. I use Vichy Normaderm concealing pen only on my dark spots (from the dried up pimples). Don’t use make-up on your entire face! Just on the imperfections you want to conceal.
7. When applying Maxi-peel, use gentle upward strokes.
Take a small piece of cotton and put around 3-4 drops of Maxi-peel on it. Then gently rub it in an upwards motion on your face, make sure your problem areas get it too. Do not rub or press too hard.
8. Maxi-peel will dry out your lips and eyelids. Before applying Maxi-peel at bedtime, smear a lot of vaseline on your lips. Then in the morning, exfoliate your lips by gently rubbing them with cool water and your fingertips. This method will make your lips soft and full and also protect it from Maxi-peel. In the morning after applying your moisturizer, apply an eye hydrator treatment (I use Vichy Eye Hydrating stick) over and under your eyes to moisturize them.
That’s about it! By doing these steps when I use Maxi-peel, it helps to decrease the peeling and make Maxi-peel really effective for me.

Maxi-peel works

Maxi-peel, created by Splash Manufacturing Corp. is an exfoliating anti-acne solution, composed of mainly 2 elements, hydroquinone and tretinoin.
The solution comes in 3 different strengths – #1 for mild acne, #2 for moderate and #3 for severe.
I have had acne prone skin since I was 18 years old and have tried alot of products. None have worked as fast and as effective as Maxi-peel.
Before I go on, first I would like to state that I am in no way affiliated with Maxi-peel or Splash Manufacturing Corp. or any of it’s partners. I am not a seller or distributor of Maxi-peel. I am just a loyal customer who has experienced first hand the effects of this product.
Why did I start this blog? Because before I used Maxi-peel, I researched it on the internet and found many negative comments about it. Of course I also found some positives, which drove me to try it.
The main reason for me starting this blog is for the people who have had a negative experience with Maxi-peel and maybe this blog can help them find out how to use Maxi-peel effectively.

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