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Dealing with Maxi-peel side effects

August 20, 2011

If you feel like using Maxi-peel is a bit too strong for you (even if you’re using your ideal Maxi-peel strength) these simple tips will help ease the side effects:

1. Peeling – definitely expect some skin peeling, if not a lot. This is Maxi-peel’s main job and it is actually a good thing. Skin peeling gets rid of dull, damaged skin so the smooth, new skin underneath can be revealed.
Some people find the peeling a bit much, in this case, take a 1-2 day break from using Maxi-peel, even if you’re in the middle of using it. You will find that your skin will peel more after you’ve stopped. On these days, wash your face with only cool or lukewarm water (no soap or facial cleansers) twice a day and gently rub all surfaces and nooks and crannies of your face to remove the peeling skin. After doing this for 1-2 days, your skin will peel less.
2. Redness – many people complain about extreme redness with Maxi-peel. The thing to remember is Maxi-peel is a lot like a chemical peel and peeling and redness are very common to happen. If you feel that the redness is a bit too much, stop applying Maxi-peel for 1-2 days. You should also ALWAYS apply plenty of sunscreen to prevent skin burning from the hot sun.
3. Skin stinging while applying Maxi-peel – after I’ve used Maxi-peel for a few days, I find that applying it right after I’ve washed my face tends to sting A LOT. I recently discovered a technique to decrease the stinging and that is to space the washing and the application at least 4 hours apart. I wash my face right away after going home from work around mid afternoon and then I apply Maxi-peel before going to bed at night. This gap between washing and application will give your skin time to resupply some of the oils lost from washing and so the oils help in reducing the stinging by reducing your skin’s dryness when applying Maxi-peel. Main point – your skin stings from applying Maxi-peel because it gets too dry! Allow your skin to produce oils long enough to soothe your skin when Maxi-peel is applied.
4. Break outs – Maxi-peel will cause some acne to come out during the first few weeks. This is because it is going deep inside the pores to take underlying impurities out. Once the acne surfaces, Maxi-peel will dry them up pretty quickly. My tip is to keep using Maxi-peel on your pimples. DO NOT STOP. If you stop when pimples surface you will find that they will stay visible on your skin longer than if you continue to use Maxi-peel. If you have problems of redness and peeling at the same time as breakouts and want to take a 1-2 day break, using a cotton tip applicator, apply Maxi-peel only to the acne areas. This method will dry up the pimples and allow the unaffected areas to resupply oils lost from dryness.

If you have a side effect that is not listed here, please feel free to leave a comment. I have only written about the predominant side effects that happen to me so I might have overlooked other side effects as well.


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  1. Yomba permalink

    It works for me as well! 🙂 I’ve been using it for a week, and my pimples have dried out already. but I have a question, what if a pimple popped, should I still apply the solution on that part? cuz it would be like an open wound right? 😀

    • Good question! You should not apply Maxi-peel on an open wound, but I have a few times because my popped pimples are so small I don’t realize they’re there. No adverse effects has happened to me….. yet.

  2. anna permalink

    you are lucky gurl because i am using maxi-peel to lighten my darkspot on myface but after 1 week is become more dark.please freckles.

    • That is very strange. The hydroquinone in Maxi-peel makes skin lighter, not darker. Are you using it for longer than 2 months? It should not be used for longer than 2 months, doing so may cause your skin to hyperpigment (get darker). Also, have you been out in the sun alot? Prolonged exposure to sunlight may make your skin darker while using Maxi-peel. ALWAYS apply sunscreen with an spf of at least 30, wear a hat as well. These are the only reasons why I think your skin can get dark with Maxi-peel = using it for longer than 2 months and not protecting your skin from the sun.
      I hope these steps work for you!
      Good luck!

  3. Luno permalink

    I used maxipeel cream advanced. and it was good. then i used placenta then redness came out. and it does not fade.. does maxipeel exfoliant solution can treat it?

    • One of the major side effects of Maxi-peel is redness, so I’m sorry but I think it will make it more red. Try applying cucumber slices on the red areas. The cooling effect of cucumber might help calm the redness down.
      Good luck!

  4. Sanjabij Tari permalink

    I have started using Max Peel from 23.11.2011 now 6 days away my skin gets black and still my skin get peeling. Can I continue using MAX Peel ?. Please advise.

    • That is very strange. The hydroquinone in Maxi-peel makes skin lighter, not darker. Are you using it for longer than 2 months? It should not be used for longer than 2 months, doing so may cause your skin to hyperpigment (get darker). Also, have you been out in the sun alot? Prolonged exposure to sunlight may make your skin darker while using Maxi-peel. ALWAYS apply sunscreen with an spf of at least 30, wear a hat as well. These are the only reasons why I think your skin can get dark with Maxi-peel = using it for longer than 2 months and not protecting your skin from the sun. If you follow these steps and still get the dark areas stop using Maxi-peel and ask your dermatologist for their opinion. You might be having a reaction to Maxi-peel.
      Good luck!

  5. i’m using this product and i just noticed that my face kinda hurts whenever i’m washing it
    is it normal? should i continue using it? please help? 😦

    • Hi there!
      Yes, the same thing happens to me. This is due to your skin drying out from Maxi-peel.
      What kind of facial wash are you using? Make sure it’s a gentle face wash. Strong, deep cleaning face cleansers will make your skin even drier. I use a small amount of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser once a day only. Sometimes when the dry weather makes my skin too dry I just use warm water – no soap or facewash.
      Also, use a lightweight moisturizer during the day to help combat the dryness.
      Another tip: wash your face in the afternoon, then apply Maxi-peel in the evening to give your skin time to replenish the oils so it will sting less.
      Please refer to the Maxi-peel tips I posted!
      Thanks and good luck! Feel free to ask me more questions if you need to!

  6. Lacerna, john philip permalink

    HI there! im been using maxi peel for 2 weeks and more, and i have pimple breakouts.. This is my regimen:

    For the day…. I wash my face with maxipeel exfoliant wash and after that cleanse it with maxipeel pore refining cleanser… after that i put maxi peel sunblock cream to prevent damage from the sun..

    In the night after I sleep, i wash again my face wit the same facial was and cleanse it wit the same cleanser and after that put maxi peel exfoliant solution and on top the maxipeel mostuirizing cream..

    IS my regimen wrong, and are the side effects normal, wen will i see my desired effect of this product? THANKS

    • Oh no your regimen is just fine. You are using Maxi-peel products which are made to work together.
      You did not really mention any side-effects except for the break outs and break outs are perfectly normal and expected. Maxi-peel goes deep into your skin and takes out hidden impurities and brings them to the surface to dry them up so yes you will break out while using Maxi-peel for the first 2-4 weeks.
      Thanks for your comment and feel free to ask me again!
      Good luck!

      • Lacerna, John philip permalink

        uhmm and last question hehehehe, in my first 1 and a half week there was peeling in my chin, but in the next days, i cant see the peeling anymore should i stop it?

      • That’s good! Are you rubbing the peeling skin with warm water? That’s what I do to reduce the peeling. No, don’t stop using Maxi-peel yet wait until all your pimples have surfaced and if no new pimples are coming out in a week then you can stop using Maxi-peel.
        Thanks for your question! Feel free to ask again! 🙂

  7. jeff permalink

    hi i am using maxi peel for 4 nights now, and it starting to peel around my nose, should i stop using it for a while or should i continue using it until all the skin on my face peels? and after peeling should i give it a break for how many days? pls do reply on my email. thanks

    • Hi yes peeling is expected when using Maxi-peel. How is the peeling right now? My entire face usually peels and thats when I give my skin a break from Maxi-peel. Is it just your nose that’s peeling? Is it bothering you? If no, keep using Maxi-peel for a few more days. If yes, give yourself a one or two day break. And remember to wash with water only and gently rub your nose to exfoliate the dead peeling skin. Also, apply moisturizer after.
      Thanks for your question and feel free to ask again!

  8. soul permalink


    I bought maxipeel#3 but I don’t have severe pimples…the reason been that ealy last year I used some peeling cream and it burnt my face leaving me with dark patches so I need them peeled off…also do we use cleansers or not while using the cream??also how bout a toner ??how long should I use exactly what makes me stop..thank you

    • Hi there thanks for your question.
      If you are using Maxi-peel to lighten your skin but have little pimples, I suggest you use strength #1. If you look at the potency of Hydroquinone (the whitening agent) in Maxi-peel, the dose is the same in all three strengths. It is the tretinoin (the anti-acne agent) that has different doses in each strength.
      You will find that Maxi-peel #1 is just as effective in lightening skin and removing dark patches as Maxi-peel #3. But Maxi-peel #3 may burn your skin.
      Use Maxi-peel #1 or 2. You will find out which strength works best. But as you said, if pimples are not really your issue then I suggest using #1.
      Please feel free to ask me questions again and I will be happy to give my advice 🙂

      • soul permalink

        Hi…thank you for the reply…the thing is I bought it on a trip to singapore and its not sold in my country do you have a link for me to order it online so that I get #1

      • Hi there,
        Unfortunately I don’t have a link. There’s quite a few stores where I live that sell it so I’ve never had to buy it online.
        If you search it on Google I bet you’ll find a lot of websites selling it though.
        Good luck and thanks for commenting!

    • Oh as for your cleanser and toner question, use a very gentle cleanser or just use warm water. Don’t use any strong cleansers. And for the toner, if you have a good moisturizer I don’t think you need one. Some people have used toners for extra moisture but I have never used a toner while using Maxi-peel. I find that my Neutrogena daily moisturizer with spf 45 moisturizes my face all day long.
      You can try not using a toner first and see how your skin does. I find that my skin is super sensitive while using Maxi-peel so as much as possible I dont apply alot of products on it.
      Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Dore permalink

    I’am in the process of using maxi-peel 3 for two days now. No peeling and no stinging. This solution contain 0.25% tretinoin and 2% hydroquinone. I want to know when the peeling take place?

    • Hello there,
      Expect the peeling to happen anytime within the first week of using Maxi-peel.
      It won’t be too long for you now.
      Thanks for your comment! Good luck!

  10. Dianne permalink

    hello there…I’m not a user of maxipeel but I’m planning to try it. I started getting acne’s when I moved here in US I’ve used Pro-activ but it doesn’t do well and other products. And now my problem is how to get rid of this acne’s….thank you

    • Hi! I’m very sorry for the late reply I was away on vacation!
      Oh yah I can relate. I have really acne-prone skin and have tried almost everything, including the world famous Proactiv, which worked for me for a while and then stopped, and then gave me the biggest cystic acne on my chin you’ve ever seen. I’m not even lying, the acne was so big it looked like I had a tumors on my chin. I have no idea why my skin reacted like that, I was following the Proactiv regimen to a “T”, I was even using the mask and the lotion that came free with it. Anyways, sure, try Maxi-peel. It does work, problem is, it is a bit harsh on the skin. Try to follow my tips for dealing with the side effects and I hope you get the skin you desire!
      Good luck!

  11. crisanto permalink

    hi, can i use Maxipeel Cleanser(Toner) in morning after washing my face with Maxipeel Scrub? EVEN I’M USING Maxipeel Solution#3 every NIGHT?
    and can I ALSO use it every night BEFORE/AFTER putting SOLUTION?
    please answer completely… thx!…

    • You can use the Maxi-peel products in conjunction with each other. I don’t think you should have a problem with using them, after all, they are made to work together.
      However, don’t use Maxi-peel exfoliant solution more than once a day. It will dry out your skin so much. Use it only before going to bed at night, after washing your face. Then, use the toner 10-15 minutes after applying the exfoliant solution.
      I hope I answered your questions! I’m sorry I’m so late in replying, I was away.
      Thanks and good luck!

  12. crisanto permalink

    hi, a guy here!… can i use Maxipeel Cleanser(Toner) in morning after washing my face with Maxipeel Scrub? EVEN I’M USING Maxipeel Solution#3 every NIGHT?
    and can I ALSO use it every night BEFORE/AFTER putting SOLUTION?
    please answer completely… thx!…

    • Hmmm….. After reading your second comment, I found something interesting. Maxi-peel has a Scrub now? I didn’t know that.
      I’ve never tried it, but I think you should be fine without using it. The exfoliant solution already strips your skin of oils and dead skin cells, so I don’t think you need the Scrub. I have a feeling it will dry your skin out too much.
      Just use the exfoliant solution and the toner. You can use the toner in the morning after gently washing your face and at bedtime after applying the exfoliant solution.
      I hope my answers helped you! Good luck!

  13. hello im using the maxipeel solution like 2weeks and i have many pimples should i stop using it?

    • I love your name! Heehee…..
      No, don’t stop using it. Maxi-peel goes deep into your skin and pulls out the bacteria under the surface. Once the bacteria is visible, Maxi-peel dries it out.

  14. rose permalink

    hi there im using now maxipeel #2…my routine is in morning i wash my face the maxipeel exfoliant soap then after i put garnier sunblock then in evening i wash again same soap and put the solution…the problem i got more pimples its been 3 weeks im using and the more pimples comes out and its very uncomfortable to me…and no peeling and redness only pimples comes out…what i will do?

    • Thanks for your comment!
      Keep using it. Everyone’s skin is different. All my pimples surface within 2-3 weeks of using Maxi-peel, maybe yours take longer. Keep using Maxi-peel. When all your pimples have dried out and you are not getting anymore new pimples, use it for 1 more week, and then stop.
      I hope my suggestion works out for you. Good luck!

  15. angel aquino permalink

    hi , ive been using maxi peel #3 for almost a year or two,, but im not using it everyday , ive been using it 3 times a week,,then i stopped,, lately ive noticed that i have pimples again,, then i started uing it again,, but it seems like its not effective anymore? why?

    • How long have you been using it since you’ve started it again?
      I think because you stopped using it for awhile, you have some acne buried deep in your skin. Now that you’ve used Maxi-peel again, it’s taking out more deep pimples that you’ve accumulated while you stopped using it.
      I recommend that you keep using it until all your pimples dry out and you’re not getting anymore new ones.
      However, do not use it for longer than 2 months.
      I hope my answer helped you!
      Good luck!

  16. jaesonou permalink

    hi there.
    its the first time i used maxi peel 3..i dont have pimples or acne..i just want to peel the old skin…but after the peeling a dark skin in my side oy my lips and in the jaw appeared…why is it…and how could i remove it and back to my normal skin color…please help me im getting woried it may stay forever in my face……….

    • Oh dear, I’m sorry that happened to you.
      For people who little to no acne but want to use Maxi-peel for whitening, use Maxi-peel #1 ONLY.
      There are 2 chemicals in Maxi-peel exfoliant solution:
      1. Tretinoin
      2. Hydroquinone

      Maxi-peel#1: has 0.010% / 2% solution
      Maxi-peel#2: has 0.025% / 2% solution
      Maxi-peel#3: has 0.025% / 4% solution

      As you can see, the difference in strength is quite large. So to use Maxi-peel for whitening, use the weakest strength to prevent burning and irritating your skin.
      Thanks for your question and good luck!

      • jaesonouh permalink

        so if i use maxipeel #.1 it will turn my skin tone back to its normal color and the discoloration will disappear?thanks and more power…

      • Hello again!
        I think Maxi-peel number 3 is too strong for your skin so I recommended you use Maxi-peel number 1 instead. And make sure that you are protecting your skin from the sun – if you are using Maxi-peel and not using a lotion with a high spf or protecting your skin you might get dark patches on your face. That could also be the reason.
        Good luck!

  17. ida xue permalink

    Its my third day using Maxi-Peel. For the morning, I am using Maxi Peel Facial Cleanser (Pore Refining) and every time I use it, I have skin stinging and reddening in the areas where I have pimples. Is it normal? Then, I will apply the Maxi-Peel Concealing Cream which is very effective. Before I go to bed, I use again Maxi Peel Facial Cleanser (skin stinging and redness again) and a little amount of Maxi Peel Tretinoin Hydroquinone (Exfoliant No. 2) plus Maxi-Peel Concealing Cream. Do you think this will be effective in removing my pimples? Thanks a lot.

    • Hello!
      How is the redness and peeling? Is it manageable? If it is, then continue on with your regimen.
      There will definitely be stinging and burning while using Maxi-peel products. You just have to be careful and not overdry your skin. Some Maxi-peel products already have anti-acne chemicals in them, so be careful when using them together – they might overdry your skin. Maybe you can stop using one and still have good results with just the others.
      I have tried using Maxi-peel #2 and Maxi-peel Concealing Cream together and I found that it worked quite well. The problem is, I couldn’t find the Concealing Cream in stores anymore, so I had to make do with Neutrogena lotions, which fortunately, worked well too.
      I hope I answered your question! Please feel free to ask again!
      Good luck!

  18. Crisanto permalink

    Hi There! I’m here to UPDATE my experience with Maxipeel….
    It’s almost my 2months of using this range: MaxiPeel Solution #3 (every night), Facial Scrub(exfoliate), Cleanser(not the refining), Moisturizer & Sun Block(sometimes concealing cream) …
    As of now, I only have FEW SMALL Acne,… but like what the direction said, at the 1st-2nd week, pimples will pop-out due to treatment effects, and I experience of having so much BITTERNESS of having so many big pimples, but I don’t loose my believe that, It is just the side effect of it,so I just continue using… and after using it for 1&1/2month, my pimples became smaller and smaller and more lesser than before I used maxipeel….
    but the last thing I concern is this, I have so much scars and dark spot(even before I used this), so my question is: What Maxipeel product can reduce my Dark Spots and Scars?
    I don’t want to use other products, and I really want to be strict on this product….
    thank you and God Bless…

  19. Rob permalink

    I only have few pimples, but the thing I concern is my Acne Scars and the Red Spots in my face…
    what maxipeel product can help me to heal this? please help me…….

    • Hi there!
      Acne scars and red marks? I have the same thing! Maxi-peel exfoliant will help with those as well. If you have deep acne scars, Maxi-peel won’t totally eliminate them, but it can make them less noticeable. As for the red marks, from my experience, Maxi-peel has been very effective in fading them out.
      Be sure you choose the Maxi-peel strength that’s right for you!
      Good luck!

      • Rob permalink

        what kind of Exfoliant? the Cream or the Solution?
        i already used Solution #3 for almost 2 months,
        but as of now I change it to Cream, so that my skin face may relax, like what the direction said.
        and how long should I wait for the best result of reducing my red spots? 😀
        btw my ance scars are not too much deep, hehe!
        thanks for the info by the way!

      • Hi again,
        Use the exfoliant to lighten dark spots.
        I don’t know your skin type, but for my skin, the red spots usually fade within 2 months of use.
        Thanks again for your comment!

  20. Rob permalink

    thanks for the info!
    i have little sensitive skin,
    and i’m using the #3 solution for 2 months before and now #3 cream…

  21. jeff permalink

    hello there, i’m just bothered with my skin after peeling, my skin tends to be so oily and looks so shiny,so i what i did I put face powder but after using face powder i noticed I formed many zits and eventually becomes a pimples and it’s even worse than before i used the product, is it wat u call purging stage? what can u recommend me to solve this concerns of mine thank you.

    • Hello there!
      First of all, I would like to apologize for replying so late! I was not notified in my email that someone had commented on my blog!
      You should not use face powder at all while using Maxi-peel. First, it will absorb all the oils in your skin and make it drier, second, it can build up on top of your skin and cause break outs and third, it can make your moisturizer cake up and look bad.
      Don’t use anything powdered, such as make up powder, baby powder or mineral powder on your skin while using Maxi-peel. Powders absorb oil on your skin and Maxi-peel already dries out your skin too much. You need your skin’s natural oils.
      I hope this helps, good luck!

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